Monday, October 12, 2015


Set Goal
Make Plan
Get to Work
Stick To It
Reach Goal

For those of you following our Fall Sprint Challenge, we just had our second meeting.

It is really inspiring to work with friends to achieve goals. I cannot recommend this highly enough. In our second week meeting we all shared moments when we wondered why in our busy schedules we had tackled yet another project. The truth is, for all of us, we tackled our projects because they are important to us; we just needed that extra push to get them finished.

Initially, we thought we would use Skype or Facetime, but that hasn't worked out so well. Slow internet connections and some technology issues made this form of meeting more tiresome than it needed to be. Now we are using a conference call, with two of us on one end and our friend in Twinsburg on the other end. It seems to be working. We were disappointed though that we couldn't see the projects we were working on. That is pretty important for two of us - our friend in Twinsburg is working on a book, so seeing what she is doing while we talk is not that important.

We resolved this issue by setting up a Secret Group Page on Facebook. We're all on Facebook, so this was easy. It was also easy because we all understand the technology of Facebook. We have been able to share pictures of our progress which has been great!

We all made good progress this past week, but the most important thing of all is that we all are working actively on our goals. Next week I'll share some pictures with you.

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